Care & Repair

When designing our products we care about their functionality and the ability to last many years if looked after correctly.




Please keep out of the rain for the first month after purchase to allow the fibres to become more flexible and develop some water resistance. Due to the natural tannins, veg tanned leather will develop its own unique patina and darken with age, carrying with it a personal reflection if its owner making each product individual.

Veg tan leather is susceptible to developing scratches and marks from everyday use, however it can be easily cared for and last a lifetime - if not more! To treat any scratches we recommend laying the product flat on a smooth soft surface and gently wiping over them with a dry soft cloth. Alternatively you can use a creamy leather conditioner by gently wiping it on in a circular motion. Please follow the instructions on the chosen conditioner for more information.

For small marks you can also use your fingers to achieve the same effect, however the natural oils on your skin may leave a mark if the leather is light in colour.

Weather Exposure

Please keep your leather products out of direct sunlight or direct heat as this can dry the leather out causing it to crack.

If your product gets caught in the rain, simply pat with a dry soft cloth and the water will be absorbed and dry naturally - do not rub hard! Please do not use any soap or water when wiping your bag as they can leave marks and the chemicals from soap can ruin the natural structure of the leather.

Additional Info

Due to the natural treatment of the leather, your products may show pre existing lines and marks. These should not be seen as errors but as unique markings that make your product individual to you.

The natural dying process can alter the shade of each skin making some colours differ slightly to the photos on the website.

Please note, in some cases dark dyed leather can stain light clothing in the first month of wear.




Recommended wash at 30 degrees. 
Use only mild eco friendly detergents and do not bleach. 

There will be very slight shrinkage after the first couple of washes.


Give the product a slight shake and line dry. Best ironed when damp to ensure that all creases are removed.

Hemp is very durable and will become softer with each wash whilst keeping its strength. Some fibres may shed during washing or whilst the product is in use but they are not toxic and are 100% biodegradable.

If you are experiencing any problems or would like more information please contact us. 



We offer a full repair service if your product breaks, plus we will repair any manufacturing fault free of charge, even if this is only evident sometime after its initial purchase.

Please get in touch and send us some photographs of your repair problem to to see if you qualify for a free repair. We will be able to provide you with some guidance and have your product fixed in no time!