Factory Worker


We design and produce all of our products in a small, well established factory based in East London. They have over 20 years of experience sampling and producing designs for a variety of luxury and start up designers.

We began working with leather because of the knowledge and experience that we have in this trade. We have unlimited access to the factory which means that we can troubleshoot designs during each step of the sampling process, change and amend any faults and produce accessories that have been meticulously developed. Additionally, we eliminate the middle man bringing you fair prices which have not be inflated with each step of the supply chain.

The facility owned by Jana, Alisa’s mother, is a light filled old building where the workers are all respected and treated fairly. We make sure that the environment is inclusive and all voices are heard. Our factory is located in a vibrant community consisting of other creative businesses where we can share ideas and our craft together.


You have the opportunity to visit our premisses when we hold our regular leather product making workshops and sample sales.

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