We have always worked with vegetable tanned leather which we source from a tannery on the outskirts of Florence. They follow strict and thorough regulations on how to produce leather in the most sustainable way possible.

Vegetable Tanning


Vegetable tanning is a more environmentally friendly alternative to chrome dyed leather where the colour is derived from natural properties such as tree bark, flowers and roots. This process to produce a full grain piece is complicated and lengthy but has indispensable effects which leaves the leather to develop their own unique patina over the years and if looked after well, can last for generations.

Our Tannery and Their Responsibility Commitments


The tannery that we have chosen to be affiliated with are based in Tuscany and have been producing naturally tanned leather since 1945. They only use skins that are a by-product of the meat industry taken from Sweden, Denmark and Belgium, known for their high ethical farming standards. Caring for the workers and the environment has been deeply rooted in their core values, acting as a member and founder of Pelle al Vegetale which teaches, promotes and supports sustainable leather production.

To find out more about the consortium please visit http://www.pellealvegetale.it/en/.



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