What's Important To Us

Mission: Responsibly designed practical accessories that are made to last and bought with purpose.

Sustainable Production Organic Materials Ethical Trade Fair Labour Responsible Supply Chains

Responsible Manufacturing

  • ASL is part owned by a factory based in London who have over 20 years of professional experience working with luxury British designers. We are a family business with a strong work ethic who strive to create products that are practical, stylish and have a purpose. We care about the people we work with and the environment we manufacture our products in. For the past two years we have been focused on developing a new way of working that reflects our own values and what is important to us.

    Being part owned by a factory means that we are able to sample and produce new products on the go, releasing limited edition pieces without charging high prices. Everything is designed and made in our studio in London. The welfare of our workers is very important to us and a fair wage has always been incorporated into our prices.

    We aim to make our products accessible and affordable with a long-life guarantee.
Sustainable Production Organic Materials Ethical Trade Fair Labour Responsible Supply Chains


With an increasing demand for responsibly sourced fabrics that do not contribute to negative impacts on our environment, we have been working on a new project focusing on our everyday needs, practicality and sustainability. We have always used Italian leather that is a by-product of the meat industry sourced only from responsible agricultural practices whilst using sustainable tanning techniques. For more information on our materials please visit Leather and Hemp.

Our previous focus was to produce seasonal collections but it never seemed logical to release so many new products so frequently, when a well designed bag that uses quality materials that have been meticulously sourced over time, can last generations if looked after. We want our products to serve a purpose and be continually useful for a long period of time instead of discarded once a season is over.

Our aim is to be circular in our way of designing and working; having access to the manufacturing facility we can gather all wasted leather from our products and reuse them in our bags and smaller accessories. We will always specify which products use off cut materials on our website. We are aiming to reduce our waste and repurpose these materials into something useful. 

We are currently recycling the pattern paper from the studio to make tags for our bags which are encrusted with wildflower seeds. Once the tag is taken off the bag, it can be inserted into soil whether in your garden or a pot at home and watered to grow beautiful flowers.

Sustainable Production Organic Materials Ethical Trade Fair Labour Responsible Supply Chains


  • Having short supply chains means that we can be transparent in the work that we do, allowing our customers to trace our products. If you would like to find out more please get in touch! We want to hear your response or suggestions so that together we can slow down fashion and become conscious shoppers.

    We have been evaluating every step of the design process to embrace the cradle to cradle approach and ensure that our products completed a full life cycle without aimlessly being thrown away. We believe that the designer must always be responsible for the products they produce and how they affect future generations. We never compromise on labour costs or sourcing quality fabrics that are better for our environment.

    We are constantly learning and growing.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback we would love to hear from you!